Why Me

Copywriter Training

You’ll be working with an AWAI-trained copywriter. Within AWAI, I am a member of Circle of Success and the Professional Copywriters Alliance.

Among the skills I’ve learned are writing for the web, content marketing, B2B (business-to-business) and email promotion copywriting.

Other Writing

I also have experience writing fact sheets and training materials. And, I have published dozens of feature articles on topics such as horticulture, psychology, history, and the arts.

Public Speaking and Training

Should you have need of a public speaker, educator, or trainer, my proficiency in those areas is also available to you.


My wide variety of experience can serve as a resource for you. Some of the areas I’ve worked with in the business sector are: medicine, horticulture, and human resources. And – in the not-for-profit sector – I have experience in volunteer management, youth development, and event planning.